Satisfied Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


IVF Management

Big thanks, I first started seeing Kane after I lost our first baby when I was 30 weeks pregnant. I found throughout the sessions that Kane, through Acupuncture, was able to help my body manage my grief and restore its balance and energy flow .


Kane was also able to provide further treatment to prepare my body before our IVF Journey. We were fortunate to only have to have one course of IVF complimented with Acupuncture and our goal of having another baby was achieved.


Kane is wonderful to work with, always explained what he was doing with the needles and how they would improve the energy flowing throughout my body –a truly wonderful experience.

Carl and Rebecca Drummond



IVF Management

I am writing in regards to some acupuncture I had with you before and after a fresh embryo transfer for IVF. I also I had one session with you about 3 weeks prior to this. This was our second round and third cycle of IVF. After the acupuncture sessions I felt extremely relaxed and at peace with our situation and truly felt that whatever the outcome I had done everything I possibly could.


I really appreciated your knowledge and experience with treating infertility. We are extremely thrilled to say that this cycle was our successful one and we are currently almost 8 weeks pregnant after trying to conceive for almost 3.5yrs.


So thank you so much for your time and expertise.

Toni Kayes




We arrived on your doorstep Kane after a traumatic miscarriage and lots of issues with fertility, both feeling really worried about our journey towards parenthood. Your support and sound practice was amazing and gave us a new mind and feeling about the whole situation.


Within 3 months of treatment we were pregnant with our gorgeous daughter Anika. We couldn't believe it, we were so excited. As the pregnancy progressed i had lots of major issues which followed with severe morning sickness, so we decided to use your excellent services again and traveled frequently to help improve this situation.


Your treatments got me through and i was able to gain weight and continue working. Which at the time seemed like a miracle because previously I felt I could not continue to function feeling that way. We then returned at the end of my pregnancy in preparation for the birth of our wee girl. You did so much for us and we now have a gorgeous daughter who is healthy and happy. You are exceptional at what you do and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jamie and Olivia Beck




Tim and I had been trying for a baby for three years. After 18 months I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, which I had surgery to remove. My doctor told us that I still only had about a 60% chance of getting pregnant and a year later nothing had happened even though we had been having treatment with the fertility clinic. We were on the waiting list for IVF when kane was recommended to me.


My first acupuncture treatment was in April and two months later we found out we were finally having a baby. During treatment Kane was always supportive and caring, providing more than acupuncture treatment, he was also a listening ear during a very emotional time for me. We will always be so thankful to Kane for helping us to get our beautiful baby girl Mikaia Rose.

Tim's Wife




I cannot recommend Kane from Connect therapies enough. Very warm & welcoming.


I was 40 weeks pregnant and needed my baby turned as he was laying on my right side and also wanted the little man out! Kane explained everything he was doing & was interesting to chat to through my treatment. I could actually feel my baby moving down while this was all happening. Not even 12 hours later I was in labour & he had turned!


I will definitely be recommending Kane to all my pregnant friends and visiting him again for any post pregnancy treatment & vitamins.

Tammee Wilson



Bell's Palsy

In August 2015 I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my second child. I had been through a tough year losing my dad in May. I woke up on the 23rd in the morning feeling funny and half of my face felt weird. I was diagnosed with bell palsy (which I had never heard of before). I went to the hospital and after 11 hrs they just gave me steroids and sent me on my way. I gave birth to my son that night. I took the dose of steroid and my face got a little better but it was still very bad. I couldn't blink, my eye watered constantly, I couldn't shut one eye or smile. I couldn't even drink out of a cup or chew on that side. I was left thinking "am I going to be stuck like this?" the doctor and hospital just said there's nothing else I can do to help it. I was feeling quiet down and didn't really like going out, and hated the fact I couldn't smile at my kids.


I decided to do a bit of research and some people had said acupuncture maybe something to try. I would give anything a go at this stage. I had now had bell palsy for about 8 weeks. So I got hold of Kane from Connect Therapies and made an appointment. I was really nervous and didn't really know what to expect or if I believed it could work. From the first day I met Kane all that worry and nervousness had gone. I felt very comfortable talking with Kane and he has been very positive with fixing my bell palsy. Slowly but surely I am getting better and better each week. I can now eat and drink normally, shut my eye and I can even give a little cheeky smile. But one of the biggest changes is I feel more confident in myself and I'm really happy with how the acupuncture is helping me not only with my bell palsy but making me feel better, sleep better and feel more alive.


I never thought I would try something like acupuncture but when your down you have to give anything a go to try help. I'm so glad I did try acupuncture and I would definitely recommend it to others, especially Kane and Connect Therapies. His approach, skills, people skills and ability to "fix people" is amazing. I have now had bell palsy for 8 months, but I and others hardly even notice it's there and I still believe I will get 100% better with Kane’s help.

Thanks Kane at Connect Therapies

Kelly Masters



Back Pain

I have known Kane Monrad at Connect Therapies for several years I have been having treatment for various ailments over that time. Recently I have suffered from a very painful hip. Nothing I did relieved the deep pain that. I had been having treatment elsewhere without much relief. After only 2 visits to Kane, who treated me with Acupuncture, I had no pain at all!!!!! I am now back to doing all the things I used to – pain free. I’m stoked.

Jill Lovett




To Kane, thanks for all your help In terms of treatment to make our fertility treatment successful. We feel truly pleased to have our little boy He is growing well and is healthy he has bought us so much joy.

Thanks again

Ed, Cherie and Jaxon




To Kane, thanks for all your help and support, now we have a happy baby girl. We couldn’t be happier.

Nicole, Shaun and Lily




My ‘story’ started with a trip to Fertility Associated as given I had left it later to start my family, I wanted to see where I stood on the fertility stakes. To my disbelief I was told that I was prematurely running out of eggs and my only option would be to have IVF within 6 months with only a 40% chance of working.


Suffice to say I was stressing and I had heard about Chinese medicine helping people with fertility issues so after a recommendation I gave Kane a call. I remember him saying to me “you only need one good egg” and he was right cause within 2 weeks and only 2 sessions I got pregnant and delivered our gorgeous and very healthy boy in April last year. The one thing that sticks in my mind is how relaxed the acupuncture made me, as after my sessions the stress seemed to disappear. Since then I have gone on to have baby number 2 and was having issues with my breastfeeding as my let down seemed sluggish.


Again I came and saw Kane and now my little one is feeding well and absolutely no issues with my milk flow I am definitely a believer in Chinese Medicine and have since recommended Kane to friends with fertility and other issues such as back, knee and even insomonia problems and everyone has had great results. He certainly knows his stuff!





When it was time for round two in the baby making game we knew exactly what to do and made our way from Taupo over to Connect Therapies. After our success first time around with your support we didn’t take any chances this time. Again after the first treatment we were feeling confident but still wanted to keep regular appointments happening.


At our second appointment you amazed me with your knowledge during my treatment. You asked me how I was feeling and then indicated I was possibly pregnant. I went home straight away took a test that had been negative the week before and sure enough I was pregnant and actually 9 weeks along, amazing! So this time it took 4 months to conceive wee Mia. This pregnancy was going really well until the 20th week mark when my body decided to go into labour. After I was out of emergency phase we were straight in the car and up for a treatment with you.


Things then calmed down and I was able to go back to work two weeks later. We believe the treatments keep our wee Mia happy to stay in her mum’s belly until 38 weeks. With treatment preparation we had an amazing birth and just loving every second with our gorgeous girl. Your confidence in what you do is remarkable and you are exceptional to work with. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and care. We believe in everything you do and would highly recommend your services to any couples approaching parenthood. We will continue seeing you for all our health needs and maybe even for round three!

Jamie and Olivia Beck




My husband and I have one child who was conceived accidently so when we started trying for number two we automatically assumed that baby would be on board in no time. It was not to be each month that went by we thought surely the next month would be the one and each month that went by we felt disheartened and more concerned. 10 months went by and still no luck. We were starting to wonder what was going on. We knew the doctors recommend waiting a year before seeking help, but we felt we wanted to do something about it as natural as possible before going down the specialist route.


I had seen Kane previously for pregnancy care and psoriasis and my husband for back problems and other general ailments, but never for fertility. We both highly rate Kane’s health care and what he has done for us in the past, so although we now both live in Auckland we decided we would make the effort as we felt it would be worth it and I would travel to Hamilton to seek Kane’s assistance for our wee infertility problem.


I started seeing Kane for fertility treatment at the beginning of November 2011 and fell pregnant by mid-February 2012. During this time I was temperature charting (via fertility friend website since May 2011 – which I would highly recommend), taking vitamins/minerals (recommended by Kane) and tracking other vital signs. Kane used these charts along with his amazing acupuncture treatments to bring my cycles and body in tune. After each treatment I would feel truly balanced and way more relaxed than when I arrived. Often I would even feel so relaxed I would catch a few zzzz’s during the treatment. Kane always made me feel very comfortable, he explained things well and is a genuine nice guy. The other thing I really valued during my treatment with Kane was the he was not pushy in any way and always supported/welcomed alternative ideas I may have wanted to discuss.


Towards the end of my treatments with Kane we discussed my husband had a low sperm count and were about to embark on appointments with fertility specialists, which was a road we really didn’t want to go down. However, one week prior to the appointment we discovered with pure delight that I was pregnant. I truly believe that without Kane’s help my body wouldn’t have been in such pristine fertility condition to receive that determined spermy that hit the bulls eye that fine day in February… lol :0)


Kane has helped us fulfil our dream of conceiving our second child and we couldn’t be more grateful for his help. I am now just over 20 weeks pregnant, having had no morning sickness and apart from tiredness (as to be expected) I feel fabulous!! We cannot wait to meet our new addition to the family, a little boy due November 3, 2012.

We would both highly recommend Kane to anyone seeking alternative health care for fertility or other means. Thanks a million Kane.

Michelle and Aaron



Stop Smoking

This is my testimony regarding Kane and his gift of acupuncture. I have been a daily smoker for 12 years and have never wanted or felt I had the need to give up. I found out I needed ankle surgery and knew that smoking wasn't good for the healing process. I had 1 month to give up!I still enjoyed cigarettes but embraced this opportunity to fast track my giving up but knew I couldn't do it alone. Both my sister and sister in law had recommended me to see Kane to help with this process as they raved about how he helped them also with other things.


As soon as I met Kane and ongoing, he has made me feel comfortable with his presence, and is extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional at all times. This was the first time I've ever tried acupuncture and I am also extremely frightened of needles so it definitely was a catch 22 for me, but my experience with the needles have been pleasant enough for me to feel comfortable to continue.


Throughout the acupuncture process Kane educates me on all of the what's, whys and how the particular points will help me. A lot of them were to open up my chest and airways and get the blood flowing to trigger the lungs to start mending itself and to get the full affects of oxygen flowing. The free full lunged breaths i was having were instantaneous, it was amazing!


Kane also put a few needles in points for clear headedness and to help with my frustrations and irritability. Throughout the month of seeing Kane I not once had troubles with coughing or black tar which are apparently the usual affects of quiting smoking, and my personal tones and feelings of irritability were at an all time low even compared to a general day of when I was smoking!


Kane has also given me a few powdered drinks I can have daily which are all natural substances that the body needs. My general well being and health feels amazing because of this daily intake of goodness. I've since had my surgery and can now happily say that within the 1 month of seeing Kane, he was the answer to me being absolutely smoke free now and feeling great at the same time!


I haven't even needed to wear patches in the last 2 weeks which I find extraordinary! I just can't believe that a long term smoker like myself can be smoke free in such a short amount of time with very seldom mental or physical body fights as well. I recommend Kane to the point that i would see him first before I would even bother seeing a doctor. I will be continuing to see Kane to help fast track the healing of my ankle also.

Kerryn Ormsby



Following the birth of our baby boy, I began to fall into a depressive state about three days after birth. I am not normally an emotional person so found it very difficult to process this. I would be in tears all day and could not control it, lost all my appetite and was full of guilt for feeling this way when I had a beautiful baby to look after.


I had attended appointments during my pregnancy with Kane, which always left me relaxed and calm so made an appointment to help after suffering through it for 10 days. The session was amazing, I fell asleep during and very quickly after bounced back to my normal self. I cant thank Kane enough as I am now enjoying my time with my family and feel at peace.

Kylie Dutton




Kane Monrad is amazing with his expertise in acupuncture. As a long time sufferer of migraine syndrome, I came to him in the early stages of pregnancy as I was unable to continue taking the hospital grade medications prescribed by the neurologist which I had been on for years. Within a couple of treatments my migraines had subsided to headaches but they continued to improve with his treatment to me now being completely migraine free.


He changed my life, literally. Throughout this pregnancy he has also treated me for morning sickness, reflux, general aches, stress/anxiety, but the big one was early labour at 28 weeks. With a mixture of rest and his treating me we managed to stop the labour progressing and I am now almost back on my feet. Personally, I believe his methods are far superior to any doctors diagnosis and medicated treatment.


I have already passed others on to Kane, who also rave about him, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for anything anyone else maybe struggling with. Thanks Kane!

Talia Wilson